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Time for Truth and Reconciliation

Sept 29, 2021

September 30th is a day. A day to wear orange and remember the pain felt by a young Indigenous girl who had her new shirt taken away from her when she entered a residential school. A day to think about the truth of what the residential schools were and what they meant to thousands of innocent children. A day to reconcile, to acknowledge atrocities of the past, to pledge to try to understand, and learn and honour the many Indigenous cultures across our country. 

September 30th should not be a vacation, an extra-long weekend, a day to sleep late and skip work, school or household chores. September 30th has meaning.

On September 30th, Inhaus is going to take some time to reflect. We encourage you to join us at 10:30 am in your local time. Consider the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation report. Consider the impact you and your family can make on the fundamental principles underlying truth and reconciliation. Understanding and learning from the past is part of the pathway to creating a better Canada and world for ourselves, our children and future generations. Reflect on Canada’s tragic and painful history, and the ongoing impacts of residential schools.

On September 30th, take some time wherever you are. Take the time to think, to remember and to learn.

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