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Sun, Fun and Strategy: No Lazy Summer Days for HR

June 16, 2022

The hazy shining sun is beckoning to us, sending reminders of sunscreen and bug spray, bringing back memories of beaches and warm, lazy holidays.

But maybe your forward-thinking HR mind is already looking past the greenery of summer and thinking about autumn and flu season. Our current “new normal,” is a mix of working from home, working in office, wearing some masks and getting some booster shots, as HR is challenged yet again to have the right policies to guide organizations in dynamic times.

You might think you have found the right balance for your organization’s culture and current COVID risk tolerances. Maybe sick leave has not been too bad as people get outside more and windows are left open. But what happens in the fall, when flu season hits and maybe a new strain of COVID introduces itself to us? And don’t forget the changing opinions and risk analyses regarding masks, social distancing rules and mandatory vaccinations.

Navigating each new normal takes patience, strategic thought and nimble response. Never before has HR had so much responsibility, often accompanied by limited resources. Although we look forward to enjoying the hazy days of summer with our clients, the lazy days will have to wait. Now is the time to focus on planning for what the fall might bring and prepare your HR strategy.

We have designed, implemented and run HR governance programs in large and small organizations and have first-hand experience balancing risk, rewards and plans that lead to positive strategic outcomes. We can help you enjoy the hazy summer sunshine knowing that you are prepared for what the fall might bring. We are Inhaus. Specializing in legal advisory services.

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