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OneTeam is an innovative approach to legal services. It is not just experienced legal counsel. It is a process of engagement and ongoing improvement to ensure enduring value through the relentless focus on efficiency and client satisfaction. It is customized for each client and delivered by people that have performed those same roles in organizations. It gives everyone the ability to benefit from talented advisors based on need and budget. Align, define, deliver, monitor and report. Repeat. That’s OneTeam.


A shared view of what you want to accomplish and a unified vision of how we deliver. We believe that knowing your history and strategic goals are vital to understanding how to address current challenges and support your success. We want to hear your story and become part of the book.


A clear understanding of what we are going to do to support you and help drive your goals. Do you need us to maintain your corporate records on our readily accessible cloud platform? Do you also need employment support? And let’s not forget about contracts. Maybe we need to develop contracting processes or corporate policies?


Supporting you as a seamless member of your team is at the heart of what we do. Using innovative tools we can work from your offices or ours, virtually and efficiently, to ensure exceptional service. We integrate with you using years of experience working in organizations, for organizations. Whether its sales, management, the c-suite or the board.


We constantly review and consider what we are doing for you, how it is working and look to identify opportunities to improve how you manage legal risk. Each touchpoint is an opportunity for us to look for ways that legal support can work better for you.


We are focused on continual improvement and use our monthly, quarterly and annual reporting to show you where we are spending our time, identify areas of risk, highlight mitigation tools that would generate more value and assist with legal budgeting and forecasting.


No matter the size every organization can benefit from chief legal officer experience. We act as trusted advisors on an on-going and discrete basis to deliver insight, guidance and ideas that are borne from our time being leaders responsible for legal matters. We have advised boards, joined c-suite meetings, built legal departments, developed systems to manage risk and managed material transactions. OneTeam lets you benefit from having a general counsel of your own, but on a customized, scalable basis through OneTeam.


Dedicated counsel that knows how to provide advice as part of an organization. It is a specialized skill that stems from practicing the subtle, yet meaningful nuances of delivering support as an internal team member. Through OneTeam we invest time to understand your goals, policies and practices just as we would if we were your employee. Why? Because the blending of that information and legal technical skills results in practical solutions, driven by value and aimed at helping organizations move forward strategically.


We create and maintain corporate structures in Canada and around the world, provide corporate record keeping and put your minute books into the cloud where they can be conveniently and securely accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection. Peace and mind that these critical components are current, accessible and compliant with attention to detail from our years of being responsible for corporate matters at large national and international organizations.

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