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Knowledge, critical thought and diversity of skills empower success. We can help you level up in unfamiliar areas so that you can make educated decisions and take definitive action in today’s dynamic world. We have run revenue driving business divisions, supported boards of directors, been responsible for health and safety, designed and led human resources governance, managed massive projects and administered international corporate structures. We know you want more than a report, you want practical guidance that can be executed smartly and efficiently.


Seeing ahead.

Being able to anticipate and prepare for the right unknowns is critical. Navigating the unexpected requires the ability to foresee the pitfalls and choose the appropriate tools and levers. Many organizations struggle with designing the best program to address not only financial risk, but also legal, compliance, insurance, regulatory, governance, operational and executional risks. Whether it’s a specific project, division or function, using the right measures at the right time and cost is key to handling surprises. Having managed risk across international organizations, large projects and highly regulated industries, we have the experience and insight you need to plan for and traverse challenges.


The power of people.

Our experience assessing, designing, implementing and overseeing human resources governance systems will ignite the power of culture to drive performance, encourage and reward behaviour, set compliance and support accountability. As working remotely becomes more the norm, collective adherence to a clear and common culture is critical to driving behaviour, maintaining values and executing strategic plans. Culture defines your organization and what you aspire to be. Your human resources governance system must speak to not only inclusion and diversity, and privacy, but also your organizational goals. We can design a program for you or review what you have, and assist with implementation and on-going evolution.


More than Function.

Legal departments of today and tomorrow must focus not only on aligning functional requirements to organizational needs, but also in meeting broader goals while delivering value excellence. Legal risk is best managed by using a customized mix of skills, experiences and tools based on your situation. We know because we have built and run them. Let us look at your legal spend, generate a bespoke report, assist with plan and budget formulation, and oversee implementation to ensure that your legal support is driving your goals in an efficient, scalable and accountable manner.



Top down. Bottom up. When customers buy your service or product they are buying you, what you represent, what you deliver, how you deliver and increasingly, why you deliver. Capturing these elements in your brand and value proposition is one thing, but you must fulfill the promise. Aligning your operations and governance with your strategic goals is a fundamental requirement of execution and success. Say what you do and do what you say. We understand how to translate intentions from the board room and c-suite to the meeting room and site operations to drive outcomes.


Drive success.

Successful projects are born at the start of the idea, manifested in planning, built during execution and realized on completion. From request for proposal, to contracting, to operations, to claims management and close out, each step is interlinked and reliant upon the others. Having managed large international projects and complex domestic ventures we can boost the likelihood of your project achieving its goals by joining the project team, designing governance, preparing paperwork, and assisting with administration.


Top down, bottom up.

It’s never too early to think about how your organization will make decisions. You need a governance regime that fits what you do, where you do it and how you want it done. Your success depends on your team understanding the expectations and acting accordingly. Effectively cascading a way of doing things and a way of thinking requires practical experience obtained working with boards, finance departments and other stakeholders. We use our experience to develop and help you run a coherent governance program that will support your strategies while managing risks.

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