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Remote Work Takes Centre Stage Again

December 3, 2020

As COVID cases climb and provinces impose recommendations, requirements and restrictions on movement, activities and masks, it is worth revisiting that you have the right tools to ensure compliance while promoting your culture and driving productivity.

Round one of work from home was an emergency measure with many details sorted out as issues arose. In round two, it is time for a holistic approach. Below are some key things to consider.

· Who will be permitted to work remotely, either from home or from anywhere?

· Do you support remote work? If yes, do you have a remote working policy?

· How will information technology issues be addressed, such as connectivity, hardware and software?

· Do your other policies contemplate remote work?

· Are expectations for remote work appropriate, clear and communicated with respect to:

o Productivity;

o Professionalism (including attire and meeting protocols); and

o Your ability to cancel or amend the remote work policy with notice?

· Do you understand and are you managing your employer obligations respecting:

o Health and safety (including ergonomics);

o Hours of work (overtime rules still apply!); and

o Privacy and confidentiality (business confidential and personal information need to be appropriately safeguarded)?

· Is your remote work regime sufficiently flexible to adapt to our ever-changing COVID reality and future emergencies?

Leaders need to understand, support and oversee your remote work program. Although the environment may be virtual, the fundamental elements of team success and individual engagement have not changed. Whether your entire workforce is working remotely, in a hybrid at-work and at-home environment or in the workplace together under strict rules, leadership and communication are key. HR Governance is more important than ever to set and manage expectations for remote work, but also for underpinning your culture. At Inhaus, we design, review, implement, train and support compliance for HR Governance programs, and would be happy to help ensure your program meets the public health requirements and aligns with your organizational needs.

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