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Jen Donaghue
Joins Inhaus

April 18, 2023

Easter has been good to Inhaus. We are thrilled to let you know that Jen is a member of our Team. It is not just her wonderful personality we benefit from, but also her fantastic skillset.

While Jen has worked in a large law firm as a legal assistant, she has spent most of her career as a member of the legal team at a large North American power company. Her role there evolved to include paralegal support for internal clients with contract processes, including contract preparation, negotiation and liaising with company lawyers, as needed.

She is a wonderful fit for our continual approach of evolving our services to provide clients with practical, high value solutions leveraging technology, know-how and experience. We would be happy to look at your end to end contracting workflow and tools to help you manage risk and increase your efficiency.

At Inhaus we are focused on a different approach to what legal services look like, and how they are offered and delivered. To learn more about Jen or Inhaus visit our Website ( Keep an eye out for more Inhaus announcements or Subscribe to receive our Insights automatically.

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