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Craig Walker Joins Inhaus

August 24, 2022

Everyone loves summer, but we are especially excited about this summer as we welcome Craig to Inhaus. Building on our strengths and increasing the diversity of our experiences, he combines years working in law firms with time as internal business counsel and leadership at a national sport federation.

Craig has a strong background in governance, corporate, commercial and regulatory matters. He has an especially deep understanding of the power industry (including generation, transmission, distribution and retail), as well as utilities. We know first-hand that blended skillsets like Craig’s lead to different approaches and solutions for legal services, so we are proud to have him join us. It is what makes us Inhaus.

We are focused on creating and delivering innovative legal solutions using hybrid skillsets, technology and unique processes. To learn more about Craig or Inhaus visit our Website. Also, keep an eye out for more Inhaus announcements or Subscribe to receive our Insights automatically.

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