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 We want to partner with lawyers who don’t fit the mold. People who have forged their legal skills and experience to achieve success in unique situations and in the face of real world challenges. Professionals who have stories to tell and skills to add to an innovation-driven legal firm. If your attitude combines by-the-book with out-of-the box, you’ll like it here. You’ll enjoy collaborating with likewise impassioned individuals in an environment that will complement your skills and offer our clients the best of all worlds.


If your road has strayed from the traditional law firm path you will feel welcome here.  You may have served as in-house counsel, joined management, had cross-functional roles, or returned after leaving law to take on other challenges. As a result, you will have a different way of looking at clients and meeting their needs. You will fit right in at Inhaus. 


Talent finds its own time. We think outside the Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 box to accommodate the workstyle and needs of team members. If you have the skills, we will provide the framework for you to deliver them on your terms.


We provide legal services from the viewpoint of our individual experiences and collective abilities. This perspective equips us to engage more fully with our clients and collaborate among ourselves to solve problems, address risks and implement ideas. If your own culture is a mix of independence and interdependence, we should meet.


The Inhaus remote working model includes all-staff access to a full complement of connectivity and technology tools as well as personal support and opportunities for growth. You are assured of having the resources you need to service our clients from anywhere in the world.

We are always looking for talented people that want to contribute to a different way of delivering legal servicesIf that sounds like you please connect with us.


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