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A Step Along the Path to
Truth and Reconciliation

Sept 29, 2022

A year has passed since we deliberately paused our workdays to reflect on orange shirts, atrocities of the past and hope for the futureBut we have not stopped thinking, learning and remembering. At Inhaus, in the spirit of respect and truth, we express gratitude for the opportunity to serve our clients in the traditional territory of many nations across Canada. 

September 30th has meaningIt has purposeIt is a day to revisit the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Report. A day on which we can each contemplate and continue the work of helping Canada follow the fundamental principles underlying truth and reconciliation.

We encourage everyone to take time to reflect, to remember and to acknowledgeAcknowledging the land helps us remember that this was and is Indigenous land, and we express thanks to all peoples, Indigenous and non, who have protected and nurtured this land for all of us.

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