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The law of opportunity

To stand out as the preferred choice in a competitive world you need to be dynamic, relevant and interruptive. You must be able to manage legal risks confidently at every stage from start-up to exit. You need legal advisors who are different. A partner that can anticipate and resolve issues practically, quickly and efficiently to prevent delays and enhance results. We are that partner.


Records are made to be broken. Bars are meant to be raised. Doing something again is no substitute for doing it right the first time. Your success depends on having more courage than your competition. The Law of Opportunity favours those that effectively calculate risk and integrate an on-going awareness of where the pitfalls hide. Inhaus provides you with an added depth and breadth of experience you need to anticipate, confront and reduce risk in every area of your operations. 

we are inhaus

Inhaus is a team of legal professionals with a wide range and diverse depth of experiences. We’ve worked in law firms as well as playing key roles inside companies and organizations active in a broad range of industries. Our clients gain an advantage from our collective skill set, collaborative process and practical approach. We’re different, not for the sake of being different, but for the sake of delivering a different way of managing risk.


Conceptualizing how to do differently what has been done the same way for a long time requires a novel perspective. As buyers and providers of legal services we were never satisfied with how legal advice was given, billed or valued. Our goal at Inhaus was to create innovative solutions to manage risk based on what we wished was available to us when we were executives, managers and internal legal professionals. The results are our OneTeam, Advisory and Counsel solutions.


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